The Names Have Changed...

To protect the Defense. Other than that, the coaching carousel at Notre Dame can only guarantee one thing and one thing only. And that is that the names will be different.

With the changes come added responsibility for some and a extraordinary amount of pressure for others. Corwin Brown was named the new Defensive Coordinator and now his title has a few more letters behind it. His desk plaque will read:
Corwin Brown, DCOLBC (Defensive Coordinator Outside Linebackers Coach)
From his playing days at Michigan, Corwin has been a team leader and a leader off the field. There aren't any bad words said about the man and the coach. Players liked to play for him, eventhough he uses discipline as a tool. Something a lot of coaches lack.

"This is a well-earned opportunity for Corwin. Since his days as a player, you sensed Corwin would excel as a coach. We appreciate Corwin's contributions to the New York Jets and wish him the best in his new position." -New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini

"I knew Corwin wanted to be a coach six months after I met him his rookie year in 1993. I know he will be successful." -Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells

Charlie has high hopes for this man and the pressure to succeed is tremendous. And at Notre Dame, it is almost to the point of Unhealthy. Can he do it? He is young, energetic and has successfully run an NFL Defensive Backfield with the New York Jets.

His Coaching Career:

  • 2001-03--University of Virginia--Special Teams
  • 2004-06--New York Jets--Defensive Backs
  • 2007---University of Notre Dame--Defensive Coordinator

Corwin Browns Playing Career:

  • 1989-92 University of Michigan (Won't hold it against him. He did miss the tackle on the greatest run in ND history)
  • 1993-96 New England Patriots
  • 1997-98 New York Jets
  • 1999-2000 Detroit Lions

When you combine both leagues, the Jets were ranked 20th in Total Defense and 14th against the pass in 2006. They gave up only 201 yards/game in the air and 19 TD's. They collected 16 interceptions. He has his players playing at full speed on every play and attacking the ball. He is known for getting his guys to find the ball quickly while it is in the air. His DB's did NOT commit any pass interference penalties in the final 8 games of the season and this is one reason the Jets did as well as they did.

In the AFC, the Jets were ranked 9th in both total and against the pass. They only gave up Five (5) 40+ yard pass plays the entire year. The defense was ranked fifth in the AFC and 6th in the NFL in scoring Defense with only 18 points a game given up. During his tenure in New York, the Jets intercepted 56 passes, tied for the fifth-most in the NFL from 2004-06. Of those 56 picks, Brown's defensive backs were responsible for 46.

I know the DB's are not the only players on the field and this is not the best way to label a coach worthy or not, but it is one way to look at the man about to take over the Defense for the most storied program in College sports. And Mr. Brown is doing this at the most crucial time of the program. Our DB's and LB's will play at a different level with Brown at the helm. A level we haven't seen in quite some time. The Best athletes will be on the field at all times and we can expect some big plays from young guys.

We have high hopes along with two winning seasons under our belts. This is a dangerous position for anyone and the fans of ND are like Piranhas on a feeding frenzy. It has been a long decade since we have had any thing to feel good about. We as fans are not rabid like the New York fans, but we will turn ourselves into writing machines when our program is underachieving.

The Irish were 56-41 from 1997 to 2004. That is a winning percentage of .5773195. For a team that is 2nd all time in wins and winning percentage, that is absolutely unacceptable.

In Charlies first two years, the team is 19-6 for a .76 winning percentage. In two years the Weis led Irish have 34% of the wins Davie/Willingham era teams had. We all know the story behind those two. Davie could recruit, but was a poor head coach and Willingham couldn't recruit and, well, he couldn't coach.

Charlie had a two year feeling out period of the college game. He is a quick study and an excellent teacher. He has realized that the old way is not the right way. The new direction is for the coaches to take an active role in every aspect of their respective positions. With Corwin taking the outside LB's, along with the Defensive Coordinator position, it shows the trust that Weis has in Brown's ability to teach the 3-4 personnel defense.

Corwin Brown will open a pipeline to the Chicago area football recruiting market. This year Robert Hughes committed from the area only 4 days after Corwins hire.

A native of Chicago, Ill., Brown was an all-state football player and lettered in track and field at Julian High School before accepting a scholarship to the University of Michigan. A four-year letterwinner for the Wolverines, he was tri-captain of the 1992 team and earned second-team All-Big Ten honors as a junior and first-team accolades as a senior. Brown majored in English and received his degree in 1994. Born April 25, 1970, he and his wife Melissa are the proud parents of one son, Corwin, Jr., and two daughters, Tayla and Jaedan.

It will be interesting to see how the Defense comes out in the spring game. It is expected to be a dominant performance over a very young offense, but in recent times things have not always lived up to expectations. At least not on the defensive side of the ball. It will be an interesting year, but I for one am getting excited at the possibilities. Imagine a rebuilding team that is not 6-6...Hmmmm.

Some more Corwin Speak:

"Corwin Brown has proven himself as a key component in our defensive system over the last decade, first as a player and now as a bright young coach. I respect Corwin for his team oriented attitude and his ability to relate so well to everyone he interacts with. Corwin will be an outstanding addition to Charlie's staff and the Notre Dame football program." -New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

"I coached Corwin in the 1993 Senior Bowl, with the Patriots and Jets, and he was on my staff at Virginia for three years. His core has always been the same - passionate about football, hard working and dependable, tough minded, a great teammate and committed to winning. He's a member of the Tribe and will bring all those qualities to Notre Dame" -University of Virginia head football coach Al Groh

"Corwin Brown was a fundamentally sound football player and is a fundamentally sound football coach. He brings energy, enthusiasm and expertise to his position and will be able to relate to his players. He will work hard and provide a plan for continued success at Notre Dame." -Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel

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In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.