Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a win on Saturdays..

I have been a Notre Dame fan since 1968. My family had just moved here from Israel and we were settled into our humble apartment in Miami Florida. I was just 5 years old and a couple of months from my sixth birthday.

Coming from Israel and not speaking the language was difficult enough, but not ever seeing a Television with programming from the United States, that is another matter. I remember sailing across the Atlantic on the Queen Anna Maria. I remember coming into New York Harbor and seeing the Statue of Liberty. I still remember the faces of my parents as they looked at her and wept. I can remember the plane ride down to Miami and getting in on a Saturday. Me and my brothers all huddled around the television and watched Cartoons. We were amazed.

We went to bed and when I woke up on Sunday morning I ran into a channel showing a game I had never seen. It was the Ara Parseghian Show and the game was football. The pageantry of the half-time show and the leprechaun caught my eye, but the game, WOW! From that day forward, I have been a fan of the Fighting Irish. Looking back at historical game data, I now know that the show was after the Win. It was a 45-21 victory over Oklahoma.

Even after years in the Miami area and the rest of the family being Cane fans, I stuck with the Irish. Catholics v. Convicts was always a treat at my home.

As we ponder the questions about Life, about meaning and the truth behind liquid soap, we must come up with WHY is Notre Dame important. Well I found it. I know it is an old article, but it sums up the meaning in some fashion. At least to me that is.


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In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.