Under Armour

Daniels is part of the Under Armour Game. He is still a solid Notre Dame commit, despite the fact that UGa was a solid choice in the beginning.


Happy New Year

Going into 2011 with a win is not a normal situation for the Irish, but this year is different. ND played well and very fundamentally sound football. Not too many mistakes. The prevent D at the end was a little disconcerting, but all in all a good win.

Happy New Year

See you in 2011. Be safe and love your family....

3 hours 24 minutes.....

No Snow during the Sun Bowl

Just because Hyundai is sponsoring the Sun Bowl, I thought I would throw this out there. Up on the Housetop. It has to be everybody's favorite commercial....

The Hurricane players are happy to be in a bowl and for most of the kids on the team, SNOW is a sight that they have never seen. Unfortunately for them, they probably won't see it in El Paso.

With Jeff Stoutland as the interim coach, ND should expect to see a lot of the running backs this game. He is an OL coach that likes to pound the ball. For Freshman Storm Johnson that is music to his ears. The coaches can't ignore him any more. Just like Golden Tate had a name made for ND, Storm has his name made for "The U". Living here in South Florida, I hear the fans can't wait to see the storm develop. The Irish D needs to show up in the Sun Bowl and get ready for a Hurricane Storm full of rushing attack. With the Irish playing much better on Defense the last few weeks of the season, they are ready to show that it was no FLUKE the way they finished.

The Canes are ready for a hostile environment, while The Irish look for a home game type Atmosphere.


One More Day

Feel like having a party this New Years Eve, Head on down to El Paso to find the Subway Domers Heaven.

For all the haters talking crap about Kelly taking passports away from the players. Here is a little Heads Up! about the Juarez/El Paso area.

If you spend it, you will go....Bowling that is.

The weather will not cooperate for this years Sun Bowland especially with Jacory Harris starting the game, the Irish better get there feet planted on the defense to stop the running game of "The U".


No Passport for You.

The Sun Bowl will not be played until Dec 31st, but Brian Kelly has made a statement about the area the boys will be in. El Paso Texas is a suburb of Mexico. Just over the Rio Grande lies a country that is waiting for 18-22 year old College students and their dollars. One catch is, y0u need a passport to get over there. Brian Kelly has taken care of that. Passports

The city over the border, Juarez Mexico, has one of the highest murder rates in the world. The governmnent cannot do much, but they are trying. Gunmen killed 15 partygoers and the government has little to do about it.

Is Brian Kelly overreacting? Probably. But with young kids, you never know. Passports 2

Todays News and Notes V1.0

Chris Stewart will have a few handfuls of DLinemen in the Sun Bowl. He says he can handle it. His workload at School is much tougher to get a handle on. Chris Stewart ESQ.

If you are going to South Bend, you might as well do it like RUDY!

OC is being looked at to fill the shoes of Golden at Temple. So we could have an offensive coordinator who will be going to the School that the new Coach at the U came from. They can have a New Years Eve dinner and drinks to discuss the Philly school. From ND to Temple?

When the Irish face "The U" on New Years Eve Day, they will most likely face the Freshman QB Morris. Jacory Harris who had a terrible season, will probably not get the start. if it were up to the fans, Harris sits by a 3 to 1 margin. Jacory Who?


Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas

It was a big day in the Carolinas on Saturday. The Civil War between North and South Carolina finally arrived. Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas , as it is called, was played. Ben Councell is part of a linebacking crew that did very well. He was also listed in the top ten players of the game. Ben Councell blocked a punt for his North Carolina side and Everett Golson played well in the win for the South. Councell was one of the only bright spots for a North Carolina team that was handled pretty much all day.


It's about time. Notre Dame Football has finally cracked the Top Ten. In my opinion, the game should be in the top 6.

Coach Kelly says that Phase I of preperation is complete, and he is happy with the progression of Ian Williams. See previous post.

This game, I can only hope, lives up to the hype of two 7-5 teams. I remember the games of the 80's and 1988 was incredible. Catholics v. Convicts was heralded as the game of the decade and it held up to it's billing. For Irish fans, the lead up to this game will cause anxiety, nervousness and possibly a little puke the morning of Dec. 31.

It's 1988 all over again

The players on this years ND and Miami teams have only read about the rivalry that use to be. Most of them were born after the last meeting in 1990, in which the Irish took another victory from Miami 29-20. But the players have heard, read and listened to ex-players and are starting to get the idea that this series was a huge deal. The History Excites the young players on ND and it is building a new anticipated rivalry to follow.

The Irish are healthier than they have been in a few weeks and with the return of Riddick (
Theo is back), the running game will be greatly helped. On the Defensive side of the ball, getting Ian Williams is back, should help solidify a defense that played pretty well the last 3 weeks of the season.

In order for the Irish to win, they will need to play very well on Offense. The Hurricane defense is Top Notch, and the Irish will have to make big plays to keep up.

The Irish are a 3 point dog in the game, but I have read a lot of people are taking the points for the Irish to cover and win outright.


Everett Golson

Everett Golson All-Star

Kelly's Magic Touch

Brian Kelly came into a situation at ND that most people dream about. When he got here, he realized it was a nightmare. The players that were left were all good and possibly great players coming out of High School. After a few years under the Weis regime, they became adequate to poor players.

Darius Fleming came to ND as a highly recruited SLB with great upside. He spent his first two seasons at Notre Dame as a somewhat undersized defensive end who occasionally was used at linebacker. He was most comfortable with his hand on the ground, at the End position.

Kelly came in and saw a player that with a little coaching could become a key individual of his Defensive schemes.

Fleming Grew up this past season and the guy had to overcome 2 years of bad/NO coaching to get where he is. One more year and who knows where he will be.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.