With the crowd of 30,000+ on hand the offense, led by sophmores, pulled out a nice win. As I wrote before, how come the D gave up that many points and why did the O give up pick 6's? Why did my boy Gary Gray Get Burned for a bomb by Golden Tate? Is Gray bad or is Tate that good? That is neither here nor there.

With the Spring Game over and the Offense pulling out a last second one point victory, it's time to look forward. Not just to this coming season, but also to the recruiting class of '09, who will the Irish put on the schedule for future games and Will the Irish ever win a NC again?

One team looking for future games is UConn. Is this a good idea? Yes! But as you can see, this only makes the Irish more hated in the Northeast section of our great country. I Like It!

Now to the class of '09. Golic is a good player that will work hard and do well. It was never expected that if asked, he would not come to ND. Happy to have him aboard.

Golic & Montana, two names that bring back glory to the Irish program.

But the guys that I like gave their word to Charlie Yesterday. And this is a great start to our NC run of 2010.

Tyler Stockton

Mean, Strong and Mean. Did I say MEAN? Watching this kid on film is like watching Marcus Forston from last season here in Miami. He plays fast off the ball and is abusing the OL he plays against. Whether He is playing Big ball or Small ball, this kid can play. He gets off the ball extremely quick for a big guy and can move from side to side very well. He stays low and uses his hands extremely well. His power comes from the legs and this kid has a full year to grow.

Along with Sean Cwynar, Hafis Williams and Brandon Newman, how does a 6'1", 308 lb Tyler Stockton at Nose sound to you?

4 Star
Princeton, NJ

Cierre Wood

Charlie continues to impress with his recruiting. A Five Star running back, can you believe it? This kid has it all. Hands, speed, size and quickness. He runs over you, around you and through you. Very strong with the ball and his ability to keep his speed on long runs is fantastic. He pulls away from much smaller DB's in a sprint and the Best thing about getting him.....FUSC and the Poodle wanted him.

He is a great compliment to the already stellar staff of backs. Aldridge, Hughes, Allen and Jonas Gray coming in this season, Wood will make a marked improvement to a very good running game.

5 Star
Oxnard, Ca

Only 139 Days Left, but who's counting?


Sir john from DD said...

Once again congratulations on a great read irishman

iRiShMaN said...

Thank you SJ, I like what I see so far from Charlie. Spring Game showed great improvement and this season will be exciting.

Sir John said...

I think so too Irishman. I didn't attend the game so have been depending on Blogs like your and the DD guys who actually went.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.