Recruiting Breakdown V 1.1. The Offense

  1. Jimmy Clausen, QB--Obviously the go to guy at one point in the future, but will need to step up in the spring to be there for the GT game. I like his poise and arm strenght, but with the young offense coming in, Charlie may want a more mobile choice at QB. Demetrius Jones is a guy I feel can get the job done. Maybe a mix of the two.
  2. Armando Allen, RB--Love the speed and ability to make people miss, could be a great return guy. Hasn't played in a year due to an injury his senior season, but is in school now for the spring and will have a jump on learning the system. Hails from the South Florida area and plays big school ball. Pipeline to the region. Took him away from Florida. Can get out and play the slot if needed to spread the field.
  3. Robert Hughes, RB--Big, fast in the Darius model, but with better lateral ability. Great hands that will work out great in Charlies system. Can be big and bruising, but can also take it outside. Corwins addition has helped and will continue to help in the Greater Chicago area.
  4. Golden Tate, WR--Return man, #3 or 4 WR for this season and will continue to improve. Has the Innate ability to find openings. Not Rocket type speed, but very fast. Impressive enough to make the Greg Little loss less painful.
  5. Duval Kamara, WR--Replaces Smardzija with all the ability. Big, strong, fast and great hands. Can spread the field and not scared to come over the middle.
  6. Mike Ragone, TE--Will get a lot of touches this season. With Carlson coming back he will have a great mentor into the Weis system. He can get up the field like a WR, but with great size. Definitely a fantastic option in the Red Zone. The Irish were pretty good at scoring in th Red Zone last season with 90% @ 44-49. Getting TD's was a little more diffcult with a 76% clip @ 37-49. Just think what scoring in the Red Zone against USC last season would have done. Hmmm?
  7. Matt Romine, OL--Will Start this season in the mode of Sam Young. Probably our RT. Big, strong, fast and great feet.
  8. Taylor Dever, OL--Will get snaps, and will make the decision for the OL very difficult. Not a bad thing from a fans perspective.
  9. Emeka Nwankwo, OL/DL--Can play both sides of the ball, but will remain on the OL. Another great addition to the line. And another pipeline to the South Florida recruiting circle.

Charlie has recruited very well on the offensive side of the ball. This will change for next year. Even with the young team ND will have, I am feeling more and more optomistic about our chances next season. Looking at the type of recruits coming in, you can see a major difference than in the past ten years. We have had some very good and quality recruits under Davies and Willingham, but now we have a much greater percentage of guys that want to play and they want to play NOW!

We are working on the Defensive Recruiting Breakdown. All opinions are that of Irish Universe. If you do not agree, please comment in a respectful manner.

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In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.