Chris Donald, IRISH?

Chris Donald would be the most important Cog in the wheel of the 2007 ND team. He is a LB that can get around the field and make plays. He says "I've Made My Decision", but what is that decision. An interview with Donald at the Army All-American game gives some insight.

Chris Donald
By Scott Kennedy
Posted Jan 2, 2007

Chris Donald is ranked the No. 1 Strong Side Linebacker prospect in the entire country by Scout.com. He is down to two schools, but he has already made his decision. He talks about how he chose between Tennessee and Notre Dame.

Chris Donald is Scout.com's No. 1 Strong Side Linebacker in the entire country. He arrived in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday with the rest of the U.S. Army All-Americans. Like most of his teammates, Donald has kept busy through the first two days of practice.

"I didn't fall asleep to about to about two o'clock the first night we were here. I got a little bonding time with my teammate. Then we got up and went to practice. I'm rooming with Sidell Corley. We've been talking about school, life, parents, football, everything."

Several of the players in the game will be making a college announcement on Saturday during the game, and Donald is one of those guys. He has narrowed his list to two, and he already knows who it's going to be.

"Yessir, I've made my decision. I was down to two: Tennessee and Notre Dame."

Donald has several future teammates here in San Antonio with him no matter who he chooses. Who has been working him?

"Eric Berry and Gerald Jones are headed to Tennessee, and Aaron Nagel and Justin Trattou for Notre Dame. It's the best of both worlds I guess," said Donald with a laugh.

College coaches aren't allowed to make phone calls to prospective student athletes right now, but they are allowed other forms of communication.

"I've been getting some text messages and some faxes from Notre Dame and Tennessee. They're basically happy new year and be careful."

What did he consider when making his decision?

"I've already made my decision. It was where I felt most at home. Where I felt I had the most support from the fans. I think I made the right decision. I'll make my announcement Saturday. I don't know what time during the game yet."

On Notre Dame - "They have great academics, plus I'd have the chance to start early. They need some help at linebacker. I just have to keep working hard to get there. But I love the coaches, the fans, and the support they have."

On Tennessee - "I grew up loving Tennessee. Notre Dame kind of came in the picture, so I had to take a good look at both schools. And with Tennessee, it's pretty much the same thing. They have great fan support. At linebacker, if I got there, they have some guys there in front of me, but I'd have to work hard to get my spot at either school I go to."

Coming from a smaller school in Tennessee, playing with a slew of All-Americans can be a little intimidating, but Donald has more than held his own on the field this week.

"At first, I felt like I wasn't as big as everyone else, they probably looked at me like that too when I got here."

Which of his East teammates have impressed him the most?

"All the quarterbacks, Tyrod (Tyrod Taylor), Brantley (John Brantley), Korn (Willy Korn), and the running backs. Especially Noel Devine. That joker's fast," Donald added with a laugh. "Him and Robert Hughes and Broderick Green. The O-Lineman are humongous."

A question that I ask all of the All-Americans through the week is - You have the first pick in the draft. You get to take one player with you to school. Who do you pick?

"Lorenzo Edwards. Me and him would be the bash brothers or something."

Scott Kennedy's Take - Talking with Donald, I got the distinct impression that he would be announcing for Tennessee on Saturday. Then with the last question, he names fellow linebacker Lorenzo Edwards, who is very heavily considering Notre Dame. Could they end up Irish together? Could both of them go to different schools? Isn't recruiting fun?

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In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.