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It was following the MSU-Notre Dame football game in 2004 that 20 people ended up in Lansing-area emergency rooms with blood alcohol levels in excess of 0.30 percent, a situation physicians regarded as life-threatening

Just as I feared...LINK

Of course it is time for the head coach at Notre Dame to take some heat. So if you see Charlie standing next to Dayne Crist next season, hopefully he knows what the defense is running, and Clausen connects on a long pass to Kamara or Floyd. It was obvious to this observer that last season the Irish barely knew what play they were running let alone the other team. The scandal that really isn't is making it difficult to listen to my Talk Radio. I am tired of hearing about the Patriots and the "So Called" cheating. Everyone has done it and they will continue to figure out ways to try and bend the system. Just play the game and punch the other guy in the mouth. Hopefully ND will man-up next season and play like we want.

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In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.