Quinn, Quinn and more Quinn

Hard to believe coming from Pittsburg (wink, wink) that a writer would get so enamored by the choice of a division opponent in the NFL Draft. He is so full of jealousy and envy that he quotes Merrill Hoge as a source of competent talent evaluation.

You can read many articles, and depending on where and who writes them, the story is different. Browns fans are inebriated with exhilaration after the choice. Other fans, not so much. One Writer tells Browns fans don't lambast Brady.

Just ask the Question: Do you get the feeling that the Miami Dolphins' decision to NOT draft Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn will be a topic of conversation in southern Florida well into the next decade? Just ask this guy.

The rumors abound:
Browns general manager Phil Savage called rumors that owner Randy Lerner had instructed him to draft a quarterback "a myth," and you'd have to believe him after Cleveland took Wisconsin offensive tackle Joe Thomas with the third pick.

Even though the Browns traded with the Dallas Cowboys for the 22nd pick and took Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn of Dublin, there is no way Savage could have known he could get Quinn once he passed on him at No. 3.

Still, in the Internet age, the rumors were understandable. Quinn's pro day workout at Notre Dame was the only one that Lerner attended, and he later told a Cleveland TV news anchor that he'd love to have LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell, who went to Oakland with the No. 1 pick. Add in a little dash of Charlie Frye and you can see how this stuff gets started.

The furor in Miami over the selection of Ohio State receiver Ted Ginn Jr. instead of Quinn with the No. 9 pick was exacerbated by an ESPN.com report that Ginn might be forced to wear a walking boot for six weeks and might not be ready for training camp.

If that's true -- and that seems a little murky at this point -- Ginn might have aggravated the mid-foot sprain he suffered in the national championship game Jan. 8 simply because NFL teams are hung up on seeing every player work out and Ginn felt compelled to run a couple of 40-yard dashes in April to show NFL scouts how fast he is.

So Ginn came back and worked out possibly a little before should have and ran a 4.3 even though he said he was about 80 to 85 percent, and now there is some question whether he will be able to start training camp in time for Miami. In light of the post-draft uproar, it would be interesting to know whether the Dolphins think it was worth it to see him run.

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In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.