One Down, 2 to go...

I wrote the other day about the next three contests for Mike Brey and Company:
So, why are these three so important? The fatigue of losses on the road can get a team down. I feel the Irish are doubting their ability to win on the road and this was made obvious with the loss at DePaul. The mental wear of losses like the one at DePaul, can make a team play poor fundamental Basketball.
Providence is a team that can win most games they play. They are fighting for a better seed at the tourney and will come to the Joyce Center with one thing in mind. WIN! Coming from a heart breaking loss at DePaul, ND will need to play well to come away with a win. Providence is just behind the Irish in scoring and total defense. They hit the board hard on offense and will block a lot of shots. ND needs to play solid fundamental offensive B Ball. Simple rules: Follow your shot, box out and rebound. This will be the Key to a Victory.

It looked a little suspect in the first half. As I watched the game, it became evident that the consecutive losses have hurt the ND hoops squad. The Irish came out flat and didn't play inspired ball. The end of the first half reminded me of the DePaul game. It was another let down with a poorly executed attempt at getting a basket.

Brey must have inspired the troops in the locker room, because they came out firing and taking control of the game. The game was well in hand until the Irish, in True form, allowed the Friars to enter the ball game again. The final score of 81-78 should not have been this close.

Notre Dame moved to 16-0 this year at the Joyce Center and now has won 18 contests in a row at home dating back to 2006.

Missing free throws will not get it done in the tournament and the Irish did just that at the end of the contest.

Next up is a road contest at Cincinnati. The Bearcats have all but packed their bags for the season, but If the Irish don't take advantage early, the Cats will be there until the end.

Let's see on Sunday if the Irish can make it 2 down.

This was Win 1600 for ND basketball. With the win Notre Dame joins Only 10 schools in Division I, led by Kentucky's 1,944, to have won at least 1,600 college basketball games.

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In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.