Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Well, signing day is over for Notre Dame. How did we come out? First, let's take a look at the offensive side skilled positions:

Players that contributed leaving:

How does ND replace a player like Quinn?

Let's take a look at the QB's right now and who will possibly be Brady Quinns Replacement:

Sharpley: I don't see him beating out the all 3 other guys to start, but I feel he can get the job done if needed. Smart kid with a very good arm, just Never has needed to do much, but came out of HS as a pretty good recruit. Also has pretty good speed, but is more of a typical QB. A little short for this offense at 6-2, but has all the tools needed to run it well.

Jones: Another good recruit with a very good arm and a guy that can get himself out of trouble with his legs. This may be needed next season as teams will come after the young offense with everything they have. Jones has looked good on the scout teams during practice. Good size but needs a little weight on him. If he can put a few pounds on and not lose mobility, he will get playing time.

Frazier: One more highly recruited QB for Charlie. Big arm, but doesn't elude defenses as well as the first two. This will hurt him for playing time in the next few years and I see him transferring out of ND. With a more mature line, I could see him stepping up big. He is the prototypical QB in a Weis offense. I just don't get the feel for him. The spring game will be big for Zach. I wouldn't mind him splitting time with Jones until all is figured out.

Clausen: Obviously one of the most highly recruited players coming into 2007. Very poised, can get out of trouble if needed and smart. His one detractor is that, he never was really pushed in HS. His team ran through a fairly easy schedule and the players that surrounded him were mostly D-1 guys. How will he do when the chips are down. Will he bounce back up like Brady did against Michigan. Grass stuck to the helmet and looking out his ear hole. Of course nobody can predict this, but I feel he will do just fine. That is as long as Charlie and Ronny can keep him reeled in. He will be under a microscope all year and the pressure will be immense. Can he handle it? Time will tell.


Sir John said...

Hey nice job. Orazil is doing a similar in his Newsletter he assigned me Evan Sharpley and I can't disagree with your analysis

iRiShMaN said...

i would like to see sharpley/jones or frazier/jones. give clausen a year to sit and learn the game. that is unless somebody really steps up.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.