S.O.S, Notre Dame Offensive Line

Coming into last season, the OL was supposed to be the Irish Soul, the Irish strength, the Irish leadership. We found out early that just wasn't the Case. Yes there was talent on the line, but the fundamental lapses killed the 2006 team. The Starting right tackle, Sam Young, was one of the most established on the OL by seasons end. When you have a team full of seniors on the line, that does not bode well.

Enough of last season. Let's look forward and see what we have. Charlie has recruited well on the OL the past two seasons, but two of the commits will probably spend time on the DL this coming season. Andrew Nuss and Emeka Nwankwo have been told/asked by Weis to make the move and have both agreed. That is a very good thing considering that the Defensive recruiting has been a "LITTLE SUSPECT".

The following is exerpts from Scout.coms Mike Frank:

The Irish will certainly lose a lot of experience along the offensive line. Ryan Harris, Bob Morton and Dan Santucci have started a lot of games for the Irish over the past three years. That experience will not be easy to replace.

The good news is that senior John Sullivan decided to apply for a fifth year of eligibility. Sullivan has started for the Irish the past two seasons, and should provide some stability in the middle. Hopefully some of his physical play will rub off on the young and inexperienced players who will fill in for Morton and Santucci next season.

The next question that needs to be answered is where will Sam Young play? Will he be moved to left tackle after playing right tackle last season? Is there another possibility at left tackle?

Compounding problems is I hear the next best offensive lineman is center Dan Wenger, but Sullivan will likely play center in 2007. Would they move Sullivan to guard, or even Wenger? One thing is certain; Wenger’s future is very bright from what I’ve heard.

My take on the whole matter is the Irish need to play physical up front. Mike Frank points out the new QB and backfield will need help up front. The biggest, fastest and strongest should come out on top by the Georgia Tech game. ND's Running game will be heavily relied upon in 07 and the IRish have the backs to do it. Can the OL keep pace? That my friends is the million dollar question.

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In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.