My 2007 Prediction

I see it going this way. A little optomism about the D recruits stepping up. These guys are nasty players and a lot of them will be seen tomorrow by the country in the Army All-American Game. This type of player has not emerged from a ND recruiting class since Holtz.

GT (W) New team for both sides @ home
@PSU (L) This could go either way. Edge to PSU because QB has 1 year in.
@UM (L) Could be ugly, AGAIN!
MSU (W) New coach, but they are still MSU
@PUR (W) This will be a fight, might go other way with Painter.
@UCLA (W) Dogfight again
BC (L) Close game again, being home will help
USC (L) Forget about it. The SC D will welcome Claussen to the NCAA
NAVY (W) No reason to think the streak will end
AFA (W) Won't be on schedule for a while, should be a win
DUKE (W) ?
@STAN (W) Claussen back home in Cali, the whole state will be there.

Of course some of the above Loses will become wins and vice-versa. 8-4, invite to the Cotton Bowl or Gator Bowl. Bowl losing streak ends and Claussen is 1-0 in bowl games. Ready for the NC run of '08

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Spencer said...

"GT (W) New team for both sides @ home"

GT returns 17 starters from last year, they will be one of the most experienced teams in the country. Not to mention, one of the 4 lost starters is Reggie Ball, which is a plus more than anything, as battle tested and far more accurate Bennett will be replacing him.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.

In order to find his equal, an Irishman is *forced* to talk to God.